Our 100% cotton buffing mops from the Expert range offer a wide variety of characteristics: cloth, weave, dimensions, mounting.

These characteristics give durability, resistance and efficiency to these buffing mops so that they are adapted to the most demanding polishing objectives: mirror polish, extreme fineness of surface finish, perfect respect of geometrical criteria…

expert cotton buffing mop

high requirements



Expert buffing mops,
High demands

Our 100% cotton buffing mops from the Expert range offer you a wide variety of flexibility and compliance for polishing all your delicate and/or technical parts.

These 100% cotton buffing mops are recommended for polishing requiring durability, resistance, efficiency and can be adapted to the most demanding polishing objectives: mirror polish, extreme fineness of surface finish, perfect respect of geometrical criteria…

  • Technical cotton fabrics made from fine and resistant yarns
  • Tightly woven to provide high quality polishing on all surfaces
  • Advanced treatments and finishing to meet the variety of polishing applications, both manual and automatic (polishing, brightening, control of grinding and finishing)
  • Buffing mops designed to perfectly match the technical range of compounds and manufactured in our production site in France
  • Sewn, pleated, stapled, ventilated, folded… custom-made assemblies and confections to adapt precisely to each polishing request
  • A very wide dimensional range from 40 mm to 1 m in diameter
expert cotton buffing mop

Expert range – High performance buffing mops

All our polishing compounds and polishing discs are manufactured in our workshops in France

Made in France

Discover the different assemblies of MERARD discs

MERARD polishing discs consist of several sheets of the same polishing cloth.

The thickness of the disc is defined by the number of sheets.

These sheets are joined together:

  • Either by several seams spread over the whole surface of the disc – It is a sewn disc
  • Or by staples and a cardboard centre – This is a cardboard centre disc

Sewn polishing discs

The leaves are perfectly held in place.

The disc has good surface rigidity and does not deform.

When polishing, it respects the shape of the workpiece, preserves the angles and allows for precision polishing.

Sewn discs are suitable for :

  • Flat surfaces
  • Workpieces with grooves/nuts
  • Polishing areas with precise boundaries
  • Workpieces with angular geometry

Polishing discs Centre-cardboard

The sheets are much freer.

When polishing, the disc leaves can spread freely and follow the shape of the workpiece.

The centre-cardboard discs are suitable for :

  • Rounded surfaces, both concave and convex
  • Wide polishing areas
  • Workpieces without sharp edges

Expert buffing mops, suitable for…

The range of 100% cotton buffing mops of the Expert range is composed of 14 references to allow you to work with precision and efficiency all the desired surfaces:

Polishing of :

Non-ferrous metals

Ferrous metals



High hardness


Hard stones

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Advice guide – 100% cotton buffing mops Expert

Colors Reference Description Application

Preparation cloths


Very stiff, thick and dry yellow cloth

For operations requiring power and rigidity, also used in sisal/cotton disc assembly


Fast and thick yellow fabric

Very efficient for operations requiring material removal


Thick and semi-rigid blue coated canvas

For demanding operations requiring conformability


Highly wear-resistant treated unbleached canvas, very versatile

Suitable for all operations


Versatile, high-strength, flexible unbleached fabric

Suitable for precision operations

Polishing canvas


Fine ecru canvas, very efficient, versatile and resistant

For traditional and more demanding operations


Ultra versatile unbleached canvas, very fine, dense and rigid weave

High wear resistance, suitable for polishing as well as for the preparation of demanding and technical parts


Very pure white canvas, soft and dense, very resistant

Suitable for demanding operations


White glazed canvas, extra pure, very fine weave, slightly stiffer than TPB, high wear resistance

Suitable for demanding and technical operations


White canvas, extra pure, very fine and resistant, flexible, high durability

Suitable for demanding and technical operations

Finishing canvas


White flannel, supple, fine, good hold, scraped 1 side

Suitable for demanding and technical finishing operations


White flannel, very soft, fine, scraped 2 sides extra soft

Suitable for demanding and technical finishing operations


Ecru flannel, scraped on 2 sides, extra soft, fine and supple

Suitable for demanding and technical finishing and wiping operations


Ivory canvas, super fine, extremely pure, slightly glossy

Suitable for high-end and demanding finishes

To select the expert buffing mop

Adapted to your surface...

Polishing is also…

polishing compounds expert range mirror polish

EXPERT Solid Polishing Compounds

Developed to meet the most specific requirements, the MERARD Expert range of polishing compounds have polishing characteristics that guarantee the achievement of an excellent mirror finish.

Adapted to demanding polishing, the polishing compounds of the expert range have exceptional polishing characteristics and guarantee high gloss, extreme precision and profitability.

Sought after for their efficiency and performance, they are widely used for mirror finish or to achieve near zero roughness, for manual or automated operations.

  • Selected polishing compound abrasives offer consistency in your polishing operations
  • A content of polishing abrasives 2 to 3 times higher than market standards for reduced consumption
  • Formulations developed to meet specific business requirements (animal fat free…) in all polishing configurations
  • Polishing compounds available in different formats
Liquid polishing disc paste

Liquid polishing compounds

To adapt to the requirements of automatic robotic polishing or cooperage, MERARD has duplicated its best solid polishing compound products into liquid polishing compounds, with a special focus on finishing and mirror polishing.

  • Polishing compounds with high concentration of polishing abrasives to increase productivity and performance
  • Good control of viscosities for easy machine adjustments
  • Flexibility and adaptation to small and large volumes (from 500ml to several tens of thousands of tons)
  • Polishing compounds available in different sizes

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